DEATH, GOD, LOVE, & MONEY (a compilation 1990​-​2000)

by Johnny J Blair "Singer at Large"

(free) 04:27


This collection proves, at least to me, that the fruit of the past is shrouded in a vineyard of perception. The 90s was a decade of transition and turmoil for me. It didn't seem like I'd gotten much done.

Geographically, I packed up my family and took a major move from California to Pennsylvania. Two albums went unfinished and I even stopped playing music for about a year. Then God kicked me in the butt.

In 1992, I re-entered the music world by working in a studio, producing other artists and subbing with bands, doing almost no solo work. Finally, I broke my solo studio silence in 1997 with a cassette EP, SHE'S NOT SOME ANIMAL, which previewed the 2000 album FIRE (which broke into the prolifics of the new millennium).

The set is mostly original music interspersed with songs by Barry Alfonso/Dan Rielly, Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richard, Michael Nesmith, and Doc Pomus. Special guests include lyricist Barry Alfonso (Pointer Sisters, Olivia Newton-John), John Bechdel (Fear Factory, Gary Numan), Erik Nielsen (Booker T, Queen Ida), and Dan Rielly (Funk Dub Division).

In hindsight, the 90s were a more productive time than I first thought. This download album is a "best of" that period, culled from demos, singles, EPs, and various studio adventures.


released April 26, 2011

JJB: bass, drums, drum programs, guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals WITH:
Donna Bailey: drums "Tapioca Tundra"
John Bechdel: synthesizer "Tapioca Tundra"
Erik Nielsen: drums "She's Not Some Animal," "The Check is in the Mail," "Meet Me at the Summer Place"
Gary Owen: guitar "Tapioca Tundra"
Dan Rielly: guitar "The Check is in the Mail"
Scott Ringle: bass & lead vocal "Tapioca Tundra"
Dana Russell: bass "Meet Me at the Summer Place"

Engineered by Josh, John Bechdel, Tim Breon, & Rusty Richards. Produced by JJB. Photo by Carol Waldvogel.



all rights reserved


Johnny J Blair "Singer at Large" San Francisco, California

Blair's innovative brand of “pop music with a twist" is a fast-paced mix of old school soul, psychedelia, punk/new wave, classic rock, baroque pop, & world music. Brian Wilson called him "a virtuoso." Goldmine Magazine said he makes “pop music with a conscience.” Spotlight Magazine dubbed him “the Harry Houdini of rock and roll.” For many years he was sideman for Davy Jones and The Monkees. ... more

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Track Name: The Sleeping Giant (of Love) (early mix)

1. Last night there was an awful storm
We all were scared and quite alarmed
Next day we found him quite unharmed
A Sleeping Giant on the sand
A face so gentle and so grand
What is he doing in our land?
We used to praise the Lord above
We used to dance the songs of love
Have we forgotten how?

Now the Giant’s sleeping on the beach
A bigger one can be within your reach
Rejoice Respond
To what can overcome us when
The Giant’s gonna get us…soon

2. We send our shuttles to the Moon
We write each other funny runes
But then we forget all the tunes
And when the Giant comes around
He’ll have the biggest laugh in town (ha ha)
Yes we’ve forgotten how
(solo) The Giant’s gonna wake up,
The Giant’s gonna get us (etc.)

repeat Chorus, vamp out on:
The Giant’s goona wake up
The Giant’s gonna get us
The Giant’s gonna wake us

copyright 1991, 2007 Word2Soul Music BMI